Thursday, November 07, 2013

The weeping waif

So I went to the mall after a long time to buy tickets for the new Thor movie. As I was driving back I needed to take a U-turn at a roundabout. The car next to me suddenly cut me off at the exit and I had to hit the brakes to avoid hitting the prize asshole. Suddenly there was a bang and I realised the car behind me had banged into mine. I immediately got off the roundabout, took the U turn and parked at a bus station further down the road and waited for the car behind me to catch up but after a few minutes when it didn't turn up I went back to the roundabout and found the other car- a Nissan Juke still parked at the roundabout. I parked, got out and looked into the other car and saw a woman crying. I asked,"Are you alright?" but she didn't reply. There were a few people around and they said she had been very upset and crying all this while. I figured may be she thought I had run away before the police arrived. Anyway we parked in the parking behind the mall. The two men who had been hanging around were trying to talk to her but she was on the phone and not answering any of their questions. I was a bit worried about her but I figured she was speaking to someone who would come to her aid so I stayed away. In the meantime there seemed to be some smoke coming out of her car which alarmed me a bit but it stopped after a while. One of the men gave me his card in case I needed something. Well my car had barely got a scratch while her car's face had got smashed in so if anyone needed help it was her. I got a look at her when she came out of her car. She was thin dressed in a snug tee and jeans. Her hair was blonde and closely cropped. She had really vulnerable features. I guessed from her accent that she was probably Russian. She looked completely lost and panic stricken and my heart went out to her but I thought it better to wait till she stopped speaking on the phone.

The ambulance came and the paramedics asked me if I was alright to which I said I was and pointed them to her. She ignored them and kept speaking on the phone. Finally they took her into the ambulance. The police came and asked me what happened. I explained the accident and then they spoke to her for a while. Finally the Arab policeman asked me my age and I replied,"I'm 39 years old." He smiled and said, " You're small." "Small?" I asked. He went away smiling to the other car. I admit I looked down at myself and thought," Am I short or am I still young?" Finally the police left after giving us the accident slip. I went up to the girl who was still crying. She looked like a waif up close and I asked her if someone was coming to pick her up to which she said no. She lived nearby and I offered to drop her home but she wanted to wait for the recovery vehicle to come and take her car to the workshop. I asked her if she wanted me to wait with her but by that time she again got on the phone. I waited ten minutes while she spoke to someone on the phone. I asked her again if she wanted me to stay but she again said no so I saw no choice but to leave her alone.

I felt really sorry for the poor girl. She was really shaken up but somehow her reaction seemed a bit out of place. I mean yes her car got smashed and the airbags being deployed must have shocked her but she just couldn't seem to get it together. Somehow I got the feeling that there was much more going on under the surface. May be life hadn't been treating her very well lately and the accident was the last straw and she broke down. I hope she is fine now and whatever has gone wrong with her will sort itself out soon.

I mean you'd think life would be pretty sedate when you're on a break but something always happens. Always happens.


Advitiya said...

You could make a movie out of this...

parul gahlot said...

Hey Ady! Long time buddy! Hope you're well :)