Monday, February 07, 2011

the need to write

It's like an obsession. I write on the computer, the notebook, the notepad, the diary, dirty cars, paper napkins, post its. I write awareness, health, charity, beauty articles,articles about animals, hollywood gossip, news about animals, about Holiday destinations, my blog, mark knopfler's lyrics (over and over)and I still find some junk to write in my yearly diary.The good thing is that I love most of it, actually aside from the Hollywood gossip I love all of it.

I get to know some great interesting stuff such as two drunk men were stopped by a cop. The cop found that there was a surprising third passenger, a goat. When he asked the men where they found it, they had no answer. All they were sure about was that it didn't belong to them. I found this very funny somehow and laughed for a good minute.

But writing all the time can also be pretty exhausting and aside from taking frequent breaks, I google french bulldog puppies. I dare you not to smile at them. They are just so damn cute. I made a little movie about Ninna with a flip camera. Basically a very small video camera(as big a cell phone) and edited it on Windows movie maker. It was great fun. Now that I am no longer a film maker, I love shooting and editing.

And now I will try to write an article on Siamese cats. Did you know that Siamese cats chew on wool when they are nervous? Just some wierd things I know. Occupational hazard!

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