Thursday, February 03, 2011

Thursday is my Friday

Yes in Dubai the week comes to an end on Thursday instead of friday and today is Thursday so I am very keen for time to pass by quickly. In my last post I was whining about the fact that 'time is slipping through my fingers' and today i am shaking the hourglass but the sand just won't go through to the other side.

I eat idlis every day for breakfast at Bombay Chowpatty a restaurant close to my office. Sometimes they give me too much sabzi in my sambhar and then I can't dunk the entire idli into it. I am rather embarrassed to tell them to not give me sabzis for some reason. Don't ask. Wierd things embarrass me. The most embarrassing question I ever have to answer and I've had to answer it many times, is "How much is your salary expectation?' This embarrasses me to no end. It's not that money is a dirty thing. It's just that I can never be quite sure what my time is worth in terms of money.

Time is so precious. Working in an office is my time away from my dog, my family, my friends, my writing adventures and that to me is priceless. No matter how much money you give me it's never enough. i guess that's true of most people, no matter how much you have it, you could always use some more.

I like buying boxes and they cost money that could probably be saved if I didn't buy them. Yes I agree with that but on the other hand I find it hard to not buy them. Money by it's very nature is tempting you all the time to just spend it. Yes I agree you're supposed to think about your future and kids and old age and stuff like that but I happen to love boxes and giving people gifts. I try to be a miser and believe me I've really tried I become really miserable after a while. Yes I agree money doesn't exist so it's spent the moment you get it but it's going to be spent SOME day. The trick I guess is to delay that day as much as you can and causing that delay makes me miserable after a while.

So to end this I promise to delay that day as much as I can and be a responsible citizen of my marriage.

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Shilpa said...

Niiccceee...... even the whole salary part does the same to me and i cant agree more ....... Hope u njoyin ur thurs .... :)