Monday, February 07, 2011


Every morning you have to rummage through the drawers and try to find a decent pair of clothes. Sometimes it is so frustrating that i wish there was a single uniform for everyone. A uniform to go to office. A pair of pyjamas for home and another one for everything else. It would be so much simpler. Honestly I would be quite relieved if that was the case. Everyone would look the same. You wouldn't be spending thousands of rupees every year on new clothes and accessories.

When I joined this office I was specifically told to dress formally. Formal is the opposite of Parul Gahlot. Andyet i have to find decent clothes to wear every morning. I have to admit some days are easier than the otehrs when my favorite clothes have been washed and ironed and on other days I just get irritated trying to decide. You should not be expected to make decisions in the morning.

Ok I'm done talking about clothes.

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