Tuesday, February 08, 2011


ok this post is just to whine about how tired I am and every morning just thinking about my day makes me want to be my own pet dog. I want to eat, sleep,and play and lick my owner. Just imagine how nice it would be if someone took care of you all your life. You could be a baby and be loved by all.

Instead I run after a taxi everyday and send apologetic messages when I get late, then I work, work, work and then I run after cabs that whiz by paying no heed then I run after the bus which does not go to my house but near my house but not walking distance so I run run run after a taxi and then I finally get home then I clean home then I make tea then I feed dog and then sit in front of the TV like there's nothing else more interesting in the whole wide world. I am tired just writing this.

Anshuman is in Kolkata for a few days and I miss his company and being able to call him whenever i feel like. I don't like it much when he's not there. It makes me feel even more tired. I'm getting old very quickly I think. I need exercise and nutritous food and mostly lots of time love and tenderness.

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