Monday, February 14, 2011

Wasting time

It's very important to waste some time during the day or even waste the whole day once in a while. There are many things that I do to waste my time at work. Don't get me wrong, I make sure I work really hard and really fast so that I have some time to waste. It's something I cannot live without. Here are some well known methods of wasting time and some of my favourites.
1. Facebook- 99% of the stuff I do on facebook is a waste of time but it's very important to me.
2. Twitter- it's a complete and utter waste of my time and I'm beginning to like it
3. Smoking- No excuse, a waste of time and a health hazard
4. Doodling- The only really pretty thing I can sketch is an eye. Not two eyes. Just one eye. If I try sketching two they are always out of proportion. Despicable for someone who went to design school. In my defence I stayed away from Graphics and animation.
5. Writing Mark Knopfler lyrics over and over- Ok this may seem like a waste of time but it makes me feel good.
6. Sitting and thinking about...nothing in particular...just letting thoughts roll by like water. That's a true favourite.

Blogging again for some might be considered a waste of time but for me it's like a big journal I'm gonna leave for my grandkids. Although they may not be interested. Who cares I love it!

btw it's valentine's day. so love everybody if you can and be happy.

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