Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Cyprus folder

So I was going through my folder named Cyprus and found Anshuman's picture at the Amphitheater. Now I can't remember what place this is. I got a lovely photo album from Cyprus but it is still lying empty. I saved ticket stubs and brochures and all such stuff to put in it and they are all lying in the drawer on my left hand side. The reason being that i have choose the pics for which i want prints then anshuman will get them done and then i will put them in the album. I'm getting tired just writing it down but I promise I will do it some day.

So I'm going to Bombay on Friday and then going to Delhi after one week and then back to bombay after one week and then back to sharjah. Don't ask me why. It has something to do with cost of tickets and the want to want to see one's mother father and sister and making a film. Not in that order.
A friend recently sent me her resume, some of it reads as follows

Core Competencies

Conceptualisation/ Visualisation
Ability to fulfill the transition from blueprint till complete realization and give concrete parameters to product as well as advertising by conceptualizing as well as visualizing the scope, markets and creative content.

Research and Content Development
A fundamental area of expertise backed by unmatched experience in the dual spectrum of researching a subject in the ab-initio stage and then developing the content in it from scratch.

I was reeling for several minutes.


Advitiya said...

Its mighty strange
How this little brain
Thinks up things
Puts them on wings

And in the air
These flights of fancy
Turn into reality
The dreams within

With the same hopes
And dreams that soar
Your friend conveys
That his/her Resume
Shows her capabilities,
Strengths and Ability

Call it whatever
But a Resume is never
More than a pageful
Of words difficult and huge
Finally,inspite of all these tricks
You'll find, its merely...... Semantics.

anshuman kishore said...

Advertising type lagte ho!
Kaun hai bhai tu?