Friday, May 25, 2007


So today things started with a bang. I dreamt that I was riding on one of those bicycles that are pedalled by two people at the same time ( I use that phrase because I am not sure how to spell simultaeneously). So this thin guy was riding in front of me and I was at the back. We went up a hill when I stopped pedalling. Suddenly two men came along on a motorcycle and almost crashed into us and then started fighting with the thin man. Soon the thin wan was on the ground. Then they got on the motorbike and came at me. I picked up my part of the bicycle( Some how it had come apart) and hit on one guy's head. He came back at me and I hit him on the head again. He kept coming back. Suddenly there was a sound of a crash. I had flung the glass ashtray on the floor in one smooth motion. With a bang.

Anshuman and I spent almost all day watching Kiefer Sutherland save his family on 24. I fixed lunch and now ( bell rang) he's gone off to play tennis after being upset that his t-shirts are mysteriously disappearing. There was an Arab woman with a kid at the door. They come periodically looking for money from sympathetic residents of the building. I didn't open the door and Ninna looks disappointed.

I just booked my ticked. I'll be in Bombay during the first week of June shooting and editing and stuff...and yes Aerosmith comes to town coming thursday. will go see them. I don't know how someone like Steve Tyler manage to produce a daughter like Liv Tyler.

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anshuman kishore said...

Beautiful Mothers

An ugly man called Steve
Has a beautiful daughter called Liz
She looks a bit like him
That proves that she is indeed His

A beautiful woman called Parul
Will have a beautiful son / daughter called Z
The explanation to that is
The same as how Steve had Liz