Thursday, May 31, 2007


So I decided to write a little something about people I care about. As most of you who read my blog would know that the above picture of an irritated guy is Mukul. He is Anshuman's brother and therefore my brother in law. I still remember the first day I met Mukul. He was one of the most prim and proper people I had ever come across. Later ofcourse I was to witness a different side to him when the two brothers would make up awful songs and sing while driving.

We shook hands and talked for a little while after which he went away. Later in the day I saw the books he had on cinema in particular a book on Tarkovsky. A tape of the movie Blue. I just drooled and drooled. I still believe that one of the reasons I married Anshuman is that I wanted to get my hands on those books and collection of movie tapes.

Many times I would come home from work and crib and crib about the people in the film and tv industry. He would listen patiently and gave some very good advice. He has had much more experience with them and knows how things work. As time passed I have come to know some good friends thanks to him. He happens to know hazaar people and I mean literally. He spends most of his life on the phone. I think the entire city of Bombay has his phone number and calls him day and night. He has this habit of walking around in urgency when he speaks on the phone. I have bumped into him too many times to count just going from living room to kitchen. I doubt that he has ever seen a whole tv programme. He is bound to get a phone call in the middle of it. If I didn't know that he is a cinematographer I would think he is an underworld Don wheeling and dealing on a daily basis. Heh heh. Seriously he's a sweetheart.

He is one of the most caring people I know. I wanted to write him a testimonial on orkut but they have a word limit and in Mukul's testimonial that just won't do. He is very organised and has an excellent memory when it comes to music and movies. He can be extremely forgetful when it comes to day to day things. He nearly always comes back home after leaving the first time because he has forgotten something or the other.

It's hard for him to refuse a favour and ends up doing stuff he would rather avoid. He takes care of the relationships in his life with a lot of love. His patience levels are amazing and he rarely loses his temper. So you have to be careful when pushing his buttons. He just might erupt like a volcano and then there's no handling him.

All that said I'm glad I know him. He's an excellent cinematographer and an even better person.


anshuman kishore said...

Avijit Mukul
All of them good guys
All my brother

Advitiya said...

There was once a fella named Mukul
Who never liked going to school
So he sat down and prayed
That he could make movies one day
Now he's a cinematographer...aint that cool!!!

Hey , just trying out a limerick for the first that wasnt too bad was it?

Mukul said...

O my God!!! Thanks baby for that lovely post! Hugs to you! :D