Wednesday, September 08, 2010

The story

I wrote one page a few years back. I loved it. It was supposed to be a long project. A long story and I never got beyond the first page. I have imagined the second page thousands of times. There are various scenarios in my mind and none of them sound as good as the first page.
I am not a big fan of my own writing. It's ok. It's not bad but it's not great either but I love this one page. I believe it is really good and everytime I read it I get excited and I am itching to write the next one and yet something stops me. Some invisible force tells me I'll never do justice to it. I get a little scared and then I get petrified and then I freeze and that one page sits still in a folder within a folder so that I would not come across it easily.
This time I have put it on the desktop so that may be I will someday have the courage to proceed further than that one page that will mock me everyday when I open my laptop.
Why do I not write? what is this invisible force? Where is my self confidence? Do I need a self help book? Jeeez!

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ARUN GUPTA said...

I think you are a great writer. And no, you haven't bribed me for saying it :)