Wednesday, September 08, 2010

The Anshuman

The Anshuman is a peculiar man. He has long conversations with himself about future conversations he might have with people I about whom I have no clue. He reads at least three books at a time but my guess is what he really enjoys are the Amar Chitra Kathas that I buy for him. He is extremely intelligent which makes it extremely difficult to manipulate him. It works for him but sometimes doesn't work for me. It certainly works for his clients and thank God for that.
He loves animals and knows the names and general habits of many birds. Many a time he points out a bird and tells me it's name and if it's boy or a girl and somehow I find that very romantic. I have been to two tarot readers and a psychic who have told me that we are soulmates. Everytime I come home and tell Anshuman what they said he replies-'I could have told you that.' But you see it's nice when someone else tells you.
Anshuman loves his cricket. It's a passion. Not a day goes by when he doesn't declare to himself-' Aaaand Anshuman hit six sixes!' and then goes on to hit a six in the air with a flourish. It never fails to make me smile. Sometimes I think that may be he should have been a cricketer, at other times may be a wildlife photographer or even a travel writer.
I love his stories and he tells them so well in the printed as well as the spoken word.
Some time ago I used to have trouble sleeping at night and most nights he would spin a new yarn for me. The stories were always funny and I relaxed and fell asleep.
He is generous to a fault and loves to feed his friends some excellent biryani and other animals. His energy is infectious and it never fails to lift me out of my darkest moods. No matter how much I resist he has the tenacity to make sure I get over my silly fears and learn stuff like driving and swimming. I'm always thankful for that.
He always gives me a pretty stone everytime we go to the beach and says-' with this I thee wed' I like his sense of romance. He's innovative and surprising and wonderful and do I have to say it? I love him.


ARUN GUPTA said...

chashm-e bad door

Shanty said...

Loved the inside story on a man I really admire. Told as intimately and poignantly as a wife in love could. As for me, 'The' Anshuman will always be someone who embodies the fast diminishing spirit of middle class values. I don't know why, but he somehow is cast in the mould of late Ravi Baswani - quirky, quixotic, quaint almost in his mien. To this beautiful couple, a lifetime of happy togetherness.

Anonymous said...

Now that's a love letter if ever there was one! Kuntal

Anonymous said...

Hey, i loved this blog...... and though i dunno 'THE ANSHUMAN', now i have a fair idea :) and the way u have written this blog is v touchin and v romantic... i have always believed in the concept of 'soulmates' and some of my friends and their spouses just reinforce that concept... i hereby officially add u too to that list now ;)

and im so happy fr u cos not everyone finds their soulmates... i feel only the blessed ones do :)
God bless ur relnship wth Anshuman! :)

Shilpa said...

Lol.. i forgot to add my name.... so the last comment as of now is mine and its not anonymous ;)

Navanita in London said...

...and thats the most beautiful way to say 'I love you', in return! :-) Beautiful!