Thursday, September 09, 2010

Sallu Bhai

Just saw Dabangg and I must say Sallu can actually be quite funny at times. I expected a truly terrible film but it surprised me by being just about OK. All is quiet around me because when I switch off the TV from the main switch no one can be bothered to switch it on again. Silence is nice. Everyone should have at least some during the day.
I'm sad to report that I am yet to write the second page of my story. I longingly look at the first page every now and then... that's it I just look.
Ninna is asleep. Dogs sleep a lot I must say. She is refusing to eat anything today. She does that once in a while and then I have to feed her by hand literally. I know I spoil her but then she spoils me rotten with all the love and general entertainment that goes along with having a French Bulldog. I luuuurve her.

1 comment:

anshuman kishore said...

Hello...she's not just another French Bulldog!
God help you if she comes to know you said that!