Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sunday night and water

It's not too late. Ninna is asleep by my side and I rest on two pillows. The laptop rests on Anshuman's special fat pillow. Knopfler sings in a lazy honey soaked voice. Some nights are perfection itself. So peaceful the glow of the nightlamp soothes the tired eyes and spreads a glow all around. It's Sunday night and everything seems to be at peace. It is in my world.
Recently I got over my fear of water. I can almost swim now. It took a lot of courage to get from not being able to stand in chest deep water to now being able to swim without any aid for at least half the length of the pool. Anyway if I hadn't learnt I would have missed out the feeling of being submerged in water. I love just lying free and watching my limbs move with such grace like they never do on land. I feel like I belong in the water and somehow I feel it heals me. I feel calm and I could float away forever.

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Shilpa said...

Lovely.. reminds me xaactly of how im feelin today...... its awesome weather today... pourin ..... like someone opened the gates of heaven :)
and i laoooo the pink backdrop..... v soothin to the eyes.......