Monday, November 02, 2015


The winter is slowly tip toeing in to the desert hand in hand with the beautiful month of November. We went to a lovely lake where they allow dogs and it was such a pleasure to see Ninna jump into the water. She's a bit of a neat freak I think as her paws got muddy she would go into the water again only to get the mud on her again. We met a few dog owners, some of whom had come with their picnic baskets to enjoy the lovely evening.

The days have become so pleasant that I can leave my window open in the afternoon and lie in the sun, read my book as the dogs laze around. I'm reading this book called Agent 6 by Tom Rob Smith. More than half the book is over and there's been no mention of Agent 6. The story seems to be meandering from Russia to America to Afghanistan and Leo Demidov is nowhere near getting revenge. Honestly I don't like leaving books halfway but I'm so tempted to just toss this one aside. It's not that what he's writing is uninteresting but if I needed a lesson in history I would read a history book or historical fiction. Anyway here's to a pleasant sun filled November!

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