Saturday, July 12, 2014

Ring of roses

Suddenly yesterday was completely action packed. Such a beautiful day. My partners in crime Ankita, Pushpita, Sohana, Ahana and Aditya met up at Mall of the Emirates. I went to MOE after the longest time. There were Carolina Herrera balloons rising up to the ceiling so I took a picture. Ramadan continues and there are sales everywhere enticing people who haven't gone away on holiday yet. So I browsed around the high fashion brands on 'sale' which means they are still out of reach. I have to say as I suspected Carolina Herrera is definitely the best of the lot that I saw. There was a gorgeous floor length, off the shoulder, red evening dress which was out of a dream. Red dress with black roses somehow slightly elevated on the beautiful fabric. It looked like something Victoria Grayson played by Madeleine Stowe would wear during one of her parties in the series 'Revenge'. Ice cold demeanour dressed in fire. It was perfect and I got to wear it for a few minutes in the changing room but of course it's too rich for my blood and where would I wear it anyway even if I could afford it. Diane von Furstenburg clothes are disappointing. Michael Kors bags are not too bad, all unaffordable even after the 'sale'.

It's a lovely fountain with these half horse half fish creatures. We met at Zara and browsed the sale section. Ahana was most helpful. The little three year old munchkin helped pick out a dress for me to try. As we waited outside the changing rooms in a line both the little girls were under the impression that they would be accompanying me into the changing room. And as I got into the rather tight dress they knocked on the door insisting to be let in, after all they waited patiently for their turn just like me. The dress was promptly rejected by everyone aside from Ahana with a vehement "I like it!", so I let it go.
We got to Ankita's house totally tired. The samosas and ginger chai revived us and then it was time to play with the girls. Here are two videos which Aditya made of us having fun

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