Monday, July 14, 2014

Travel pangs

I get travel pangs every time I leave home for a holiday. I get terribly excited at the prospect of travelling and then I get terribly anxious and then I can't sleep. A thousand things race through my mind and I toss and I turn the whole night through. last night was like that. By the time the moon left my window I was thoroughly famished with a craving for something sweet so I ate masala peanuts with hot chocolate. The dog followed me to the kitchen demanding treats. She doesn't need an occasion. If I'm in the kitchen it's time for a treat as a reward for following me there. So I sat in the dark drinking my chocolate milk after having banged my shin into the sofa after tripping over the dog in the dark. Then I rubbed my eye with the chilly on my fingers and had to wash it out. The last two sips of the milk tasted a bit funny but I was too hungry to care. This morningI realised that I'd missed the ashtray in the dark and tipped my cigarette in the cup. Thankfully there were no disturbing dreams to wake me up as I finally dozed off.
For the last few months I haven't been dreaming at all or I  should say I haven't remembered any dreams. I'm glad in a way and grateful for the break from my subconscious. The thing with dreams is that even though they are usually bizarre and interesting to say the least they tend to decide the mood you're going to be in for most of the morning. Actually the trick is to get out of bed the instant you wake up. If you loll around in bed for ten minutes with your eyes closed you're very likely to remember each and every grisly detail of that nightmare you'd rather forget. Honestly I can't remember the last time I had a dream.

I'll be travelling to Bombay in about two weeks and I've decided to pop by Ahmedabad and Bangalore before I head back home by the middle of August. The agenda is simple. I'll meet as many friends as possible, gather all the love I can and just glow!

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