Thursday, February 10, 2005

Soul of his piano

The soul of his Piano runs through my heart

It looks around carefully like a hare in the woods

My hands can hit the right keys on the paper

He’s writing my destiny with the Piano of his soul

It rains Pianos on my windowsill

The curtain of Roses flutters on my windowsill

I stand inside my sheer white dress and brown shoes on my windowsill

Right behind me he plays the soul of his Piano

And he makes it run through my heart

He’s running down the hill finally just to stop

He’s touching the memories of my cheeks so cold

He explains to me the soul of his Piano

He touches my skin with the light of his Piano

He does this to me…

He does this to me every night of these days

They colour all my pages black... his relentless Pianos

He goes up the spirals and beckons me to follow his trails

He makes me wait just long enough

He takes his bow...

and then once again...

he begins

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