Monday, February 07, 2005


One night several years ago I heard a whimpering sound... I went down the lift and found a very small emaciated puppy shaking in the December cold... I thought he was one of the puppies that were playing in the ground next to my house so I tried to leave him with them but they chaesd him away... He was obviosly lost so I took him home and he was sick for days... couldn't even stand up on his legs properly... I got him his shots and then he was fine...

I kept him for a few months and we loved each other... then I had to be away from home for work and he was miserable... I couldn't keep him so I left him away from the house... he came back to our neighbour's house and they brought him home... finally I found the brood that he was born with in another building... the building people were taking care f the other puppies and the mother was also there... so one night I left him there and for a while he just sat on his hindlegs and stared at me... I knew and he knew... he made it easy for me... he just turned around and walked away... this time he didn't come back.

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