Thursday, February 10, 2005

Horizon's womb

From the middle of the horizon

That has never existed…

I come to you my love..

From the womb of sand underneath the sea

I have been delivered by the waves Into your life…

I’m here if you could hear my skin.

From the castaway rooms of your memory

My life is being lived these days

I’m here if you can remember what my eyes looked like last year.

Will you love me like the womb that I came from…

And remember all my colours?

Or may be if you sometimes forget you will cause me to be erased

From the cement in this city…

This poem is probably the only one which c ame to me when I wasn't sitting down to write... I was walking towards the beach and the first few lines took shape... it's written for Anshuman my husband who works ever so hard to keep the Mrs. happy. Thank you!

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