Thursday, January 25, 2018

Jordan the rest of it

Different coloured lights lit up AL Khazaneh (The treasury) There was a sculpture, sort of an image of a bedouin there and Apu take a picture of it. Here it is lit up by the lamps.

the sun shines down on Hercules' temple...

 We walked through the passage to al Khazaneh the next day and got drenched in the rain. As you can see the water is flowing freely on the ground. Our pants got wet. Our shoes got wet. We got wet. But we kept on walking.

There we are again, freezing in the cold and rain!

Our driver lent me this umbrella which was a saviour. I eventually lost it.

Just like one of the mosaics I'm standing in front of the Al Khazaneh in front of a camel. I don't know how else to say it

My jeans got totally wet and they were coming under my shoes so I had to roll them up. I was freezing and the one sip of chai I had was heaven. I had only one sip because my horse carriage came before I could finish my drink.
The horse carriage guy totally fleeced me but I had no choice as it was raining and all I wanted to do was get to the hotel and have a snooze.

We went to the ST. George cathedral and found this beautiful map made in mosaic.

here's a closer look at the beautiful mosaic.

This is how they make the mosaics. One stone at a time.

A little bit of Picasso in mosaic.

 I loved these parrots but they were way beyond my reach financially.

There she is with the amazing minerals doing their work on her skin. I chose to go to the spa in the hotel where they slather you with dead sea mud and then cover you with a plastic sheet. I also got a massage and it was really good. The masseuse used her forearms to massage my muscles and when I cried out in pain she said," Your muscles like stone!" I let her do as she pleased.

No one drowns in the dead sea! Apu floats with a magazine in her hands.

The temple of Hercules in Amman. Large hands were found here which could only belong to the demigod hercules,

In front of some more ruins...


Lamps from a century ago...

The flag of Jordan

The Roman amphitheatre in Amman

Me at Hercules temple... the end.

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