Sunday, March 13, 2011

some days

are so slow that you feel like pushing them towards their conclusion. Today is just such a day when no interesting mails come by and there isn't so very much to do. I have taken to wearing high heels, the ones with a broad base so that there is no excruciating pain. My new shoes are digging into my toes and calluses are on their way. Sometimes I think one can never be tall enough on the other hand people more than six and a half feet look pretty stange to me.
I remember there was a very tall man in Leo Burnett. Once he said hello to me in the lift and I said,"You're very tall." He replied,"Not in Germany." So I guess it's all pretty relative in the end.
I suffer from a variety of ailments which I mostly ignore. The big man upstairs likes to keep my life interesting. I have been told to exercise by two separate doctors.I need to bring my weight down. I would love to start exercising again because when I did do it regularly, I actually enjoyed it and lost a few kilos as well. Now I will have to do it after work and I'm not sure what my level of motivation will be once i get out of the office at six.
I've been trying to write and that gnawing fear of not being a good enough writer eats away at me sometimes though fortunately there are times when I do feel like I can do something worthwhile with words. What would I do if I couldn't write? I'm so thankful every day that I can.

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