Monday, April 11, 2011

Getting to know an old song

Sometimes you hear a song but you don't really hear it. The notes only touch the surface of your skin. And then one day after hearing the same song many times before suddenly there comes a new clarity to the words. The music finally gets absorbed in the pores and begins to flow through your blood. You begin to understand the lyricist a little bit. May be this happens because you need tobe in a certain place in your life for your soul to open up to certain words strung through music.
I've been listening to 'Private Investigations' by Dire Straits for a long time now but these days it moves me like it has never done before. I get lost in the voice and the words. I write this as I'm listening to it. It's sad but somehow rings of reality and truth that most of us try to avoid, by getting busy. With chores, work, life, whatever. I'm not saying don't be busy, I'm just saying let your soul feed on a song sometimes.Here are the lyrics that are touching me these days. Knopfler's voice itself is a song, even when he is just speaking.

Private Investigations
Lyrics- Mark Knopfler

It's a mystery to me, the game commences
For the usual fee, plus expenses
Confidential information, it's in a diary
This is my investigation,it's not a public inquiry
I go checking out the reports, digging up the dirt
You get to meet all sorts, in this line of work
Treachery and treason, there's always an excuse for it
And when I find the reason, I still can't get used to it
And what have you got at the end of the day?
What have you got to take away?
A bottle of whiskey and a new set of lies
Blinds on the window and the pain behind your eyes
Scarred for life, no compensation
Private investigations

And the song ends as I finish this post.


Anonymous said...

Very touchin post and beautiful too :) i totally idendify wth and relate to all that u have said in the post .. u need to be at a certain point in life to sometimes be able to resonate wth what the song says and the essence of it ....... one song which i just heard today and the lyrics get more and more meaningful wth every new experience in this schoool called life is ' tujhse naaraaz nahi zindagi'..... i just love that and i relate to the lyrics in a different way each time i hear them.......
and i love the drops wala background on ur blog :)

sonal sundararajan said...

i loved!