Saturday, December 26, 2009

Fukold with Ninna and Pintu

So there is this camping event that has become a kind of an annual event. It's called Fukamp (Fujairah Camp). This time we went and camped at the highest point in UAE. I forget the name. I'm bad at names and good at descriptions. I think.
Anyway let me begin with day before yesterday night. India won the match and the series against Sri Lanka and Anshuman and I found a stray pup on the road. Anshuman's heart immedeately melted and we took him home. He came home and marked his territory with his urine and excreta. Since then I have had the pleasure of cleaning shit several times.
That's the thing with puppies. You love 'em. You hate 'em. You love 'em. You hate 'em. But really he is quite a sweetheart and has not chewed as many things as I expected him to. We have named him Pintu. Ninna loves dominating/playing with him and I have realised that he loves it too. In quieter moments he licks her face and she gives him a snotty look. When he is asleep she licks him back.
So I sat in the backseat with both of them and Anshuman drove us through the mountains which made Ninna carsick while Pintu slept merrily.
I have never left Ninna without her leash in the open. This was a first and she really enjoyed it. She even forgot about bossing over Pintu. People at the camp gave him many names but we will call him Pintu. He was much fussed over and loved. He ate his food. He ate Ninna's food. She hasn't eaten since yesterday and for some reason no amount of cajoling has helped.
Both of them are asleep right now. Ninna next to me and Pintu on the carpet. The radio has decided to come on on it's own as it does every day at about 8:30 pm. I don't know why this happens. I have never tried to set an alarm on it. I like listening to sports commentary. It's like white noise to me only the soothing kind. It's strange but I can listen to Cricket or football commentary all day. It suits Anshuman just fine.
So night fell on the camp and temperature dropped. We set up our tent. I laid out the sheets and the sleeping bags. Pintu started shivering so I had to put him in the car. And then it began to rain. Anshuman decided we should sleep in the car. I shifted everything to the car along with Ninna. The rain stopped and I decided there was no way I could sleep on the reclining front seat so I shifted everything back to the tent along with Pintu and Ninna. Both of them huddled with me as it grew even colder. Pintu licked my nose and then put his face on my neck. He fell asleep. Ninna was restless, probably cold. Finally Ninna got into my sleeping bag and that really saved both of us from the cold. I was awake for most of the night.I could hear everyone snoring in the camp and the wind froze us over. It was truly Camp Fukold. I was feeling fucked and cold.
Morning came. Anshuman made me a cup of tea. I'm so grateful for that. The dogs went back to the car. We made the drive home without much incidence in the company of Mark Knopfler's voice.
Right now after the luxuries of hot shower and talcum powder I feel like a new woman and more importantly I feel warm.

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