Sunday, December 13, 2009

Desert rain

It's been raining all morning and it has dissolved into the afternoon and I have stopped pretending to work. Ninna is sleeping all cozy and comfortable inside my sweater. This sweater is at least 12 years old. My mother bought it for herself and like many other things I took it from her easily. It's amazing, the ease with which a mother will give away just about anything to see her child happy. I sometimes wonder if I will be just as generous when motherhood comes calling. I am quite possesive about my stuff. Anshuman and I have had many a fights when he has taken sometihing of mine and put even a scratch on it. He thinks I'm selfish and may be I am. My camera, my walkman, my laptop, my dessert(I despise having to share my dessert)my this my that and my other. So when there is a child putting his chubby fingers into my precious dessert I wonder how I will react. Motherhood is going to be so interesting.

It's still raining and Ninna still sleeps. For the last few weeks I have been obsessing over a certain mini netbook. These days I go to an electronic store and ask for it even though I know they don't have it. Don't ask me why I do that.I have been to many many shops and chosen one that I promptly fell in love with. That's the thing with me. I fall in love with things. It's emotional. I try to rationalise it so that I can make a convincing case in front of Anshuman so that he would agree with me. He's not an easy judge and it takes time, patience and intelligence to convince him of anything. If you're truly desperate you cry but I avoid that. I hate crying. I've done enough of it in my life.
So today we will go to Dubai Mall and buy my favourite subject of obsessive thought. My very own mini netbook. cute and organic and basic and so beautiful.

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