Thursday, August 09, 2007

New look

So I went to this store called Zara yesterday to get a birthday gift for a friend. It is an expensive store and has some beautiful dresses. For some reason I have not realised yet that I am too fat and too old to be wearing dresses. I just love spending time in the changing room. I get out of one dress and get into another one and then get stuck in another one and then struggle to get out of it and end up huffing and puffing looking through my dark glasses which have slid in front of my eyes from the top of my head. I promise myself I will try no more and then I come across another dress and then another one and I walk into the changing room again getting dirty looks from the sullen faced attendant. I change again and again till I finally get out with one final effort I decide I've just wasted an hour getting in and out of clothes that look pretty but don't fit.

So I went to the foodcourt and had really bad chinese which tasted like absolutely nothing.
And then I walked into The Body Shop and began buying some make up and before I knew it I had bought quite a lot of it. I was smitten. I couldn't stop. I bought beautiful bottles full of mysterious promises. Went to my friend's place all made up and felt really good complete with silver jewellery I recently polished.

When we left as we waited for the taxi I asked Anshuman- ' How do I look?'
'Nice' He said. ' Is it different?' I asked. 'No you look the same' He replied
So today I changed all my passwords and the look of my blog. Enjoy the new look!


Ady said...

Hey...real chilled out look....feels like fresh nimbu-pani with lots of ice!! Refreshing!!

Gaizabonts said...

Looks nice! The moment i saw the title in the feed - i knew this feed was meant to be read on the blog. :)

gazal said...

ha ha....
will let you into a secret mantra to avoid that changing room experience ...........
something i have been following for the past six months...and believe me works like magic !!!!!

don't go shopping for clothes !!!!

the new 'skin'(that's wat they call it prob).....looks great!!!

wen things don change....u shd change them !!!!
can we use this rule on husbands as well!!!!!lol


educatedunemployed said...

Well I like trying on new clothes. Reminds me I need to get in shape also that is probably the only place I comfortably experiment with different looks.