Tuesday, November 22, 2005

The fair

Went to the trade fair with Papa on a Sunday. It's almost a tradition. I always go with Papa to PragatiMaidan and see the fair. There were so many people it was hard to concentrate on any one thing... bought a beautiful box and later realised they make it in Noida which is next door to where I live.

I love boxes of all shapes and sizes and materials. I have my eye on another box. I will buy it if it is still there when I go to this beautiful shop called next in Noida. I have already been there twice and resisted buying it. If I go there another time I won't resist.

You shouldn't go to the Trade fair in Delhi on a Sunday. We were lucky to get in although we had to go to the Metro station to get the tickets. The station is a huge space and looks very nice. I hope to take a ride on the train sometime soon.

They had to keep shutting off the entrance to the fair due to the number of people already inside. They were encouraging the people who were already there to leave so that other people could come inside. We had to walk and walk and walk to get to the car. I managed to sit in the open air furniture section for some time on a swing. That was nice.

I love my box and the other one which I don't have yet too. That one is a small hexagonal blue box in stone with a green shiny circle in the middle. So many times people ask why I love boxes so much? I'm not sure. If I think hard enough I'm sure I could present you with a logical reason but it's just that as long as I can remember I've liked them. Lots of people do.


Atul Sabnis said...

am one of them @ like boxes. i don't know either, why i like them

Mukul said...

sounds lovely. wish i too could spend time in delhi this winter..