Monday, November 07, 2016

The birthday girl

It's Natasha's happy birthday and I gave her a gift two days ago because I can never wait for the right time. Always in too much of a hurry to see the person't expression when they unwrap their gift.

Today we went to a nunnery. It had a little church in the middle and was surrounded by the wealth of beautiful mountains and little farms. The nun who started the nunnery is buried right next to the icons of the Gods and we prayed there and made wishes. We lit candles and I felt a connection with nature and the universe. It was a wonderful, peaceful and spiritual experience.

This is the beautiful view from the nunnery. As perfect as perfection can get. Please click on the picture to be able to see it better.

Next we went to Kakheti the wine making region of Georgia. We went to the oldest winery of the country run by this old man. His ancestors started this homemade wine business five hundred years ago. He was amazed that I did not drink and said ruefully,"My doctor told me I cannot drink and smoke anymore and for a Kakheti man that's like being half dead!"

The wine is fermented in underground, huge clay pots. The old man with many gold teeth took some out in a jug and Natasha had a taste. She loved it!

These are the farms where the nuns grow fruits and vegetables. I'm so sorry but I'm not going in sequence today because the internet is flaky and I'm a little annoyed with the hotel staff.

Here's a beautiful picturesque Georgian village whose name I cannot recall. I think I'm getting old, I keep forgetting names.

The nuns maintain the grounds themselves and they do a fabulous job of it. They keep themselves busy all day making jewellery, doing embroidery and gardening as well as farming. Their love shows in every inch of the place.

Next we went to the 'City of love' called Sighnagi. It is so called because it is a very popular amongst people as the perfect locale for weddings. This mural is surrounded by the names of the soldiers who died in the Second World War.

This is part of the same mural but I think this one depicts Georgia as a wine making country.

We had lunch in a cafe in Sighnagi where they were making the traditional Georgian Christmas sweet called Churchkhela. These walnuts are strung together and then dipped in honey. Delicious!

Salome and Rezi, our guide and driver respectively got a little chocolate cupcake covered in coconut flakes and lit two matches on it as Natasha's birthday cake. She blew out the matches and we sang Happy Birthday! I have a video of it which for some reason I am unable to upload here. But you get the picture! The happiness on her face was beautiful to see.

Happy birthday my sweetheart! May your life be filled with peace, love and happiness always and forever! I love you to the moon and back!


Shiv Shanker said...

Happy Birthday Natasha ... this is a divine blessing that you are in these beautiful surroundings with good friend and loveing countrymen..

Parul Gahlot said...

Natasha says, thank you!

Anonymous said...

She's welcome