Saturday, November 05, 2016

Day 3

Today we were accompanied by a guide for a walking tour through the picturesque, old town of Tbilisi. On the left is the Metekhi Church placed so wonderfully as the calm waters of the river flow by.

This is the King of Georgia who is responsible for building the church. Our guide told us that Mtskheta was the original capital but once when the King came to Tbilisi for a hunt, his pet falcon got lost chasing a pheasant. The King sent out search parties who found both the pheasant and the falcon in a boiling pool of water. The King was so thrilled to find these hot water pools that he decided to move the capital to Tbilisi, which means warm. He built a fort in which he lived and the church that he prayed in. His wife lived in another fort. Our guide was of the opinion that they probably didn't live together because she nagged him too much!

Amazing shafts of light spilled in through the windows and illuminated the cross and Jesus' image.

We walked by a little waterfall right in the middle of the city.

Taken just before we started the tour.

A leisurely walk by the river.

Georgia is known for its decious wine and fried dumplings. They have a name but I'm not good with names as you would have figured out by now. Khinkali, they're called! I just remembered!

A gypsy woman's mannequin I think. I thought she was rather weird. Weird and yet unique in its expression and clothing.

These two dolls were hanging in a store window. Unrealistic body image I would say. Caricatures of women I think.

When people get married they put a lock on this bridge and I'm guessing they throw away the key to remain locked together forever.

These faceless dolls were interesting and I love the splash of red.

Madonna left her bra from the 80s behind.

This is the toastmaster. He is holding a horn in his hand and he has to drink all the wine it can hold in one go. He also has the power to tell people to behave when they get drunk. Apparently he is a very important guy in Georgia where every cafe serves alcohol!

A bell tower made by the Russians when they ruled Georgia.

A local artist at work wearing the Number 23 jersey. Lucky for me I'm born on the 23rd!

I fell in love with this brooch but I'm on a tight budget so I resisted the temptation.

There was wine tasting during which Natasha tasted the wine whilst I merely smelled it. It smelled so good, that for about a second I regretted giving up alcohol. But only for a second.


Anonymous said...

Locked in a marriage and throw away the key.. The stuff of horror stories

Parul Gahlot said...

Marriage is a kind of bondage but a welcome one if it's shackles are softened by love. Thank you for coming by, dear anonymous :)