Sunday, May 29, 2016


So I used to be quite the mall rat at one time but now I only end up going to meet a friend or watch a movie. The only window shopping I do is ogling at books. It's so frustrating when you find a really interesting book but it's the second in the series and they don't have the first book. I found this book called The Storm Sister by Lucinda Riley but it's the second one in the series. It's about the passing away of the sisters' father and leaving behind a mystery for each sister which leads to a journey of discovering their heritage and identity. I think each book goes to a different location. The third book comes out in November. I think I need to make another trip to Kinokuniya but I promised myself that I would first finish all the books I picked up the last time before I pick up any new ones.

So I went to meet my dear little Apurva who is going off to Greece for a holiday soon. There she is trying on some of my jewellery collection. As always it's a pleasure to hang around at Shakespeare Cafe. I had my usual Mint lemonade and a nice chocolate cake. Now I'm completely engrossed in the IPL final. Hopefully, Kohli, the beautiful little boy will win. He's doing pretty well as of now. I remember the days I used to despise cricket and then I laid my eyes on Andrew Flintoff. I thought he was the prettiest thing I'd ever seen. Anshuman was truly happy with this development and took full advantage of my ignorance. Even when New Zealand or Australia were playing he would calmly tell me," Wait and watch, now Flintoff will come to bowl." And of course I would patiently wait like the proverbial idiot. Anyway it got me into cricket and I'm glad because now I really enjoy it!

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