Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The heavens

So here I sit in a little piece of paradise as the rain gently falls on a million flowers and more. Nuwaraeliya is beautiful beyond any words could describe. Everywhere your eye travels there is a gorgeous bloom that smiles back at you. This place simply gladdens my heart. I will let the pictures do most of talking because i don't think I could do justice writing about it.

The Grand hotel is surrounded by a beautifully manicured garden. As i write this the sun has decided to make an appearance in a mild loving way so different from the unforgiving summer sun of Dubai. I'm wearing the blue sweater my father bought me in Delhi. Who would have thought I'd be wearing it in the hills of Sri Lanka.

The clouds are moving gently across the blue sky. The garden is sprinkled with some lovely topiaries. I wanted to take a picture with the dinosaur. There's a picture of me on my toes with my hands on the dino's face trying to reach up to give him a big sloppy kiss but of course you'll never see it. It's embarrassing enough writing about it!

The hills are covered in tea leaves growing in organised patterns. There are lovely tea shops everywhere. I mean this place is truly heaven for me. Tea anyone?

We visited a tea factory and were explained the whole process of how it's made. It was interesting and I got to have this picture amidst my favourite beverage. There must be enough tea in those bags to last me more than a lifetime!

That's The Grand Nuwaraeliya. It's a superb place. Everyone smiles and greets you. The service is great. They don't know how to make fish but the breakfast is wonderful. And did I mention the garden? Oh the garden is to die for!

We went to the Botanical Gardens Hakgala and again I have no words to describe just how fantastic the experience was. I walked alone for a while on a road surrounded by enormous trees and beautiful blooms. It was so quiet and all I heard were crickets and a few birds. I was at peace with the world in those few moments. I had no worries, no complaints and no thoughts.

There was a Japanese garden with a serene pond and a bamboo grove. There is so much peace in this space that you don't want to say a word. Those of you who meditate could spend hours here just breathing in the calmness. Everything was still including my inner self. I was content.

Some more lovely flowers and so much joy...

The clouds descend from the heavens above to the heavens below and I was so lucky to be there. All I can do is thank the powers that be for having been so kind to me, for letting me be a part of so much beauty. So thank you.

The usual selfie with Anshuman and I. What can I say? He is like that.

All set to go with the sun rays for a little trek in the hills.

Onwards and upwards. got out of breath very quickly and thought to myself,"I'm going to start working out and give up smoking when I get back to Dubai. This is just not done!" And then my inner voice laughed and said"Yeah right Parul Gahlot!"

Almost reached the top and then the two Smokey Smokersons had to wait a while and drink some water and get a picture taken.

And last but not the least here's the most beautiful little person I came across in Sri Lanka. Snot was flowing freely from his nose but he was such a beautiful boy that I had to give him a kiss. He looked very frightened but nothing can ever come between me and a kiss.

Sometimes it pours and then it drizzles and then it stops only to pour again. How much I love this rain... How blessed am I...

Goodbye for now from the ethereal Nuwaraeliya... I'm going to walk in the rain.

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