Wednesday, May 14, 2014


So I was at an event with the husband yesterday. Forbes gave away awards to the top Indian leaders in a glittering ceremony which included the presence of Mr Shah Rukh Khan. I got to dress nice and went along to see if he's really as short as they say he is. We were supposed to show up at 6:30 but we got late as I made my husband take pictures of me. He doesn't like my phone and my phone doesn't like him. It will work in my hands and promptly stop in his so it's always a tense time when I'm all ready and set to be photographed with Anshuman forced to take the shots.

Anyway the Godolphin ballroom was buzzing with men in dapper suits and the ladies in their finery. There was a woman dressed in a short dress with big cloth flowers stitched all over it. Another one was wearing a blouse which looked made entirely of broken glass accompanied by a gold sari. I was very tempted to take pictures of them but it would have been really rude so I somehow managed to stop myself.

Everything seemed quite well organised as we were seated at our table with little name cards. Mine said- Mrs Anshuman Kishore, and it gave me pause to consider the fact that I have a completely different name as well. In the organiser's defence she didn't know my name. The appetiser was incredibly well presented and made me even hungrier than I was before so I gobbled it up before anyone else could pick up their forks.

They played the Indian national anthem and everyone stood at attention aside from one woman who kept jabbering. I wanted to go and slap her. Wow such an idiot. And then SRK walked in. He had a frown on his face and walked with long strides. He waved away the cameras looking rather annoyed. He's not as short as I had imagined and has a good head of hair and that's about it. There was a q & a session during which the woman who should have been slapped was the first one to ask a question. She was starry eyed and made an ass of herself saying,"I've been a big fan of yours since..." and she trailed off. SRK was quick to ask,"Since?" And she giggled and my insides cringed. She asked,"If you had to choose to play one politician who would it be?" SRK replied,"I'm too good looking to play a politician." And she laughed and my insides cringed.

I couldn't take it anymore so I walked out and took a picture of myself in the bathroom mirror. There was a goody bag given to everyone. Two lovely notebooks were a part of it which I loved. More paper to write!

And yes it took a Shah Rukh Khan to finally bring me out of my hiatus from this space and for that I thank you O huge superstar with the tiny ponytail.


sunil deepak said...

What no picture with SRK?? Actually Anshuman looks much better than him :)

parul gahlot said...

Hahaha I found him so annoying Mama. I left before he started posing with people for pictures. And yes Anshuman is simply a better man :)

B. said...

How ironic, after weeks I decide to check your blog and notice you've posted today after days!

parul gahlot said...

Hey sister! Soul sister! Hehehe :D

Bhawna said...

Hearing our national anthem always gives me goose bumps, does that make me a patriotic or a music lover? And I would have spent the rest of the evening giving dirty looks to the chatter box. Welcome back

parul gahlot said...

Yes I remember if you moved an inch while the national anthem was being sung in school you'd be punished. Our music teacher grilled it into our heads that it had to be sung in exactly 52 seconds and each word had to be pronounced absolutely correctly. One needs to show some respect. And thank you, I'm glad to be back :)