Sunday, May 18, 2014

See! See! See! See!

So I had spicy biryani again. And I loved it. My tummy is going to begin protesting soon but I don't care. I'm on holiday and I'll eat all the chilli I want. That's me applying lip colour and looking  at my image on my phone. Anshuman asked me today," Why are you so self obsessed?" I had no answer for him but I think I should have said,"I love myself about as much as my loved ones do. Okay may be a smidgen more." And smiled coyly but such things only occur to me in hindsight. I'm slow that way. My witty remarks are usually restricted to afterthought unlike my husband who throws wise ones at will.

I took this picture last night just to give you an idea of this glittering city. I met an interesting man today. His hair was shoulder length, curly and perfectly coiffed with bobby pins. His eyebrows were carefully threaded. His nails were longer than mine and perfectly manicured. His shirt was so tight the buttons were ready to pop and his eyes were adorned with kajal. He is the front desk manager at our hotel and he was interesting. He was also very professional and good at his job which is so much more important than merely his appearance.
He got me a reasonable cab in record time and explained everywhere I needed to go to the driver. I jumped into the red Prius, a very comfortable car and looks quite nice too. First stop was Odel, a small department store. I bought a huge hat. I always wanted a huge hat and it gave me great pleasure to get one. Now I hope I can sport it on the beach tomorrow in my new, lovely blue and white Odel dress.

Next was Paradise gallery that I liked a lot better.  There were so many small things that I picked up but my favourites have to be the five notebooks I just had to buy. I don't really write much in notebooks anymore but every time I buy one I delude myself into thinking that I will begin. There were some lovely ceramic offerings but I was hesitant to pick up anything because of the way airlines handle luggage.
 The last stop was Barefoot which is a cafe and boutique. A live band was playing lovely soft music. A woman in dark glasses was on the keyboard. People were guzzling beer and listening to the music. I went in and shopped some more. I think I have enough body butter to last me for the whole of next year now I'm happy to report. What can I say everything smelled so good I had to pick it up!

Another beautiful sunset from the hotel garden. We sat and ate two plates of deviled sausages. They really were the devil with enormous amounts of chilli disguised in sweet sauce. So addictive. And as you can see the railway tracks run parallel to the beach. The sounds of the waves is probably the most soothing sound I've ever heard and then when the whistle of a train disturbs the steady hum, somehow you don't really mind. Anshuman was wondering what the people travelling in the train must be thinking of all the people having fun in the pool and the restaurant. I was wondering the same thing...

I can't swim but I can get into the pool as long as one arm is latched on to the rail so that's what I did. I stayed with the kids in the shallow part of the pool. Sat submerged in the water for as long as I could hold my breath till all I could hear was my heart beating in my chest. I got so tired by the end of the day that when Anshuman asked me to accompany him to the casino I said,"I'm so tired!" He asked why. I replied,"I shopped so much! It's so tiring." He started laughing. He doesn't realise what serious business shopping is! So many choices to make. So many bags to lug. And yes so much joy spending money. But then he would rather be making it than spending it. Suits me just fine, thank you very much!

And there I am totally refreshed after my almost swim and enjoying a cup of Dilmah. I had a Sri Lankan buffet for dinner and I have to say the Lankans really do love their chilli. There was Chilli coconut, Chilli onion and Chilli Chilli, fish curry, beef curry, appams, potatoes and some terrible looking dal. Fish was really hard for fish so I mixed the chilli chilli and the chilli coconut and the fish and rice which ended up looking like a massacre on my plate. I proceeded to eat hungrily in big mouthfuls. Afterwards all I could say was,"See! See! See! See!" So I had to have a papaya juice and caramel custard.

Having said chilli way too many times in this post it is now time for me to bid you Goodnight from lovely Colombo!

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