Friday, May 23, 2014

Journeying on

That's Ruwan driving us from Nuwaraeliya to Galle on a misty morning yesterday. The clouds descended upon the hills to wave Goodbye and I was incredibly sad to leave this place that I've truly fallen in love with. I don't think I've ever seen a more beautiful land in my entire life. I'm certain that I will come back and meet the flowers again.

And that's me all covered up in my favourite black shawl. My nose was cold and that smile never left my face for one second as I looked out of the window at just how gorgeous nature can be. We walked around the hotel, drove by a beautiful lake sprinkled with swan shaped paddle boats. We did go back to the lake but it was too late and it was closed so I looked at the sky and a million stars smiled down at me. I smiled back. I can't remember a time I was this happy. The Gods have been so kind. Let me thank the universe again for its benevolence.

There are lakes in the valleys and clouds on the peaks and a camera in my hands. Many many memories are forever ensconced lovingly in my mind.

Another tea estate we stopped at on our way called Mackwood. I bought a tiny teapot with a wicker handle and a stuffed toy baby elephant for Ninna to destroy. Anshuman picked up four kinds of chai. He has threatened to make his own blend.

Ruwan took this lovely picture of us against this beautiful waterfall. We stopped at a hotel situated next to it for lunch. I had chilli soya curry with rice and a lot of terrible dessert along with a gallon of water. Of course my eyes were watering, my nose was running, my ears were burning but I had to. I had to have chilli. Sri Lanka has converted me into a chilli fiend. Seriously.

We stopped at a an Ayurvedic garden. We were shown the various trees and smelled the heavenly fruits, leaves, and roots of various trees I'd never seen before. I got some really wonderful medicinal and cosmetic products. All natural of course and no side effects thank God. We finally reached the Jetwing Lighthouse hotel in the night utterly tired. This traditional dance show was being performed and I saw a little bit of it. We were checked in within minutes. Excellent service.
Well I did manage to swim across the breadth of the pool attached to a float. And that's me incredibly happy having achieved that feat. No matter how much sunscreen I pile on to my skin I get tan in about three seconds of being in the sun. So I now sport some excellent tan lines. I really don't mind. The water was worth it.

And that's my huge hat! I really do love it. The sea was tempestuous as the waves came crashing to the shore. I lay on a deck chair with a cool Papaya juice and enjoyed the view until it began drizzling a bit. There was thunder, lightening and rain almost all night. It was gorgeous.

We went to the Galle Dutch fort in the evening. The sky was truly brilliant. Some firangs were running on the periphery. Some locals were exercising. Tourists were walking around taking pictures. I took some too. I love this one. There is a little city with shops and houses with sloping tiled roofs within the fort walls. There were two museums but I was so tired that we came back. May be today we will go back and take a look.

Yep. When you see a giant cutout of Sangakkara telling you about a supermarket discount you know you're in Sri Lanka.


sunil deepak said...

Wow, so many lovely pictures. Seems like a lot of fun:) Happy continuation

parul gahlot said...

Thank you Mama! I'm really enjoying myself :)