Friday, March 07, 2014


So you can't really see much but you get the idea. I was at the Eric Clapton concert last night and it was truly awesome. These days people use the word 'awesome' for just about everything from a pretty dress to the fact that they got out of bed today. To hear Eric Clapton in concert was to understand the true meaning of the word. I know only four songs by Clapton. When I mentioned that to Anshuman he replied,"That's okay baby. It's still three more than most people." Still I felt sorry for me having deprived myself of a brilliant
artist for this long. We were standing at some steps. That's my angel with the halo. I went to the drinks stand to get myself a bottle of water. An old British man with silver hair and a rather handsome face let me get ahead to the counter with a very gallant and gentlemanly gesture. His friend, another silver haired, very tall not so handsome man asked for a beer and was handed a red Budweiser. He said he didn't really like it. The rather handsome fellow said,"Yeah it gives you a bit of a wind." I tried very hard to stop myself from laughing. He immediately apologised. I burst out laughing and said,"It's ok." When I asked how much the water was for I was told it was free. The rather handsome fellow said,"You paid for it in your ticket." I smiled and left.

And then the magic began. Clapton is a God and each and every member of his back up band are a talent to be reckoned with. I danced to each and every song but of course the most special has to be 'Wonderful tonight' because my husband's eyes never left my face as he sang each and every word. It was a very special moment and I will treasure it forever.

This fiftyish woman in front of us wearing a white top with bra straps peeping was quite drunk. She narrowly missed falling down the stairs. She went and got herself another drink. As she passed by us Anshuman said in my ear," You know that woman who just went by patted my back and then patted my butt." I couldn't help but smile at her. SHe put her arm around another woman's husband and the lady was not pleased. She blew kisses at another man who blew her kisses right back. He of course seemed to have come alone. She began dancing with someone next to us and said,"Cheers!" to us. Plastic glasses were hypothetically clinked and I said," I'm not drinking." Another woman walked up to her and told her," You know that man in a suit is truly amazing." I think she must have seen Anshuman serenading me. Yes he is truly amazing. He made me say as much while going home in the car. He's funny that way.

He lost his phone the other day and is still getting used to his new touch Blackberry. I asked him,"How're you doing with your new phone?". "I'm still getting used to it." He replied. So I asked,"Do you like it?" To which he said very seriously,"That's like if you left me and someone else came into my life of course I would still like you better." Yeah he's quite capable of saying things like that. We had a long conversation after this which we will not get into. The concert was memorable and I made myself hoarse going,"WOOHOOOO!!"

And then this morning I woke up at 5:30 to fly to Bahrain. The flight was quite uneventful. Anshuman and I were separated by the aisle. The serving cart kicked me every time I was almost asleep. Bahrain looks a bit like Sharjah from the car window at least. That's the view from the day bed in the balcony of the hotel room. I slept on it for an hour using the lovely cotton robe as a bed sheet and woke up quite refreshed. Now my ass is sunk into the big bed like a knife rests in hot butter as I write this and now I'm going to have a lovely cup of chai. Happy weekend people!

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