Monday, March 03, 2014

The Macan

So I went to the launch of the Porsche Macan last night. I ate too many almonds, chips and desserts, didn't eat the sushi. I'm a little suspicious of Sushi. Sometimes you get lucky and it's delicious and other times I can't bear to swallow it.

Anshuman, some of his colleagues and I went to a beach bar after the launch. It was someone's birthday and we sang the birthday song. The music was lovely but it got so cold that I had to cover myself up with three shawls.

The woman at the next table seemed to be forty percent silicone. I remembered something Jerry Sienfeld said about cleavage,"It's like the sun, you can't help but look and then you instantly have to look away."


Anonymous said...

Roti, Kapda, aur Macan

parul gahlot said...

Aap kaun?

Anonymous said...

Roti, kapda aur "meinkaun", you mean?

parul gahlot said...

funny :)