Saturday, March 15, 2014

That woman

I wasn't going to write anything today you know but then I started messing around with the various filters on my phone and this picture was the result. Looks like someone else right!

The other day my husband was giving me a pep talk about how I deserve so much more from my clients. He went on to say,"You should be the editor of Time magazine but then every issue will have your selfie on the cover page." And then he laughed and I couldn't stop myself from laughing either.

These drawing kind of filters completely change the expression in your eyes. Yeah it looks like someone else. So I'm back to working from home after a complete hiatus of five whole months and I admit I like the freedom it gives me. So wish me luck and send good energies my way!

You know what I'm beginning to like the woman in this picture. She seems like someone I would like to be but probably never will be. So graceful, calm, collected, self assured, proud and incredibly strong. No I will never quite be all of her. May be some of the time I will be some of those things but I'll never be everything. Nonetheless I conclude I like her.


Gazal said...

Even I had a good laugh at Ak's comment and can say I agree with him!You look a lot like your mother in this picture. Especially the lips!Sending good luck and love as I write this.

parul gahlot said...

Thanks so much Gazal! Love you!