Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Stealing roses

So I had to go meet someone in Meena Bazaar. There was no way I was going to drive there and be lost for God knows how long so I decided to rely on cabs. Yes it costs too much but I didn't want to show up late for a work meeting. After the meeting several cab drivers refused to take me home because their shift was coming to an end. Finally a Pathan from Pakistan took pity on me and I got in.

As we were riding along the driver suddenly swerved because another taxi had parked itself in front of us and had neglected to put on the hazard lights. Suddenly my cabby threw his hands up in the air and said,   "Ye bengali sab pagal hote hain! (These Bengalis are all mad)" I couldn't help but laugh at the way he said it. And then he realised that I might be a from Bangladesh too. His reference was obviously the cab drivers who are from Bangladesh. So he said,"Sorry madam aap Bengali to nahin ho ( Sorry madam I hope you're not Bengali.)? I replied in the negative and told him I was from Delhi. So he perked up and said," Madam aap lagte nahin ho. Bengali to chote aur Kaale hote hain. (Madam you don't seem to be. Bengalis are short and black.) He actually raised his pinky to signify 'short'. I wasn't really amazed at his racist attitude but nonetheless I said,"I have a lot of Bengali friends I will tell them that I met someone who thinks they are all mad." He started laughing. I continued," Not all Bengalis are crazy and not all of them are short and dark. I have a lot of friends who are Bengali and quite a few of them are quite intelligent, tall, fair and very pretty." I think all he heard was,"Blah, Blah, Blah, blah." He went on to say," Nahin madam ye pagal hote hain. Bangladesh Pakistan se (in a cricket match) haar gaya to paanch logon ne raat ko khana nahin khaya. (No madam they are all mad. Bangladesh lost a cricket match to Pakistan and five Bengalis didn't have their dinner that night.)" I gave up.

I went to the Emirates Golf club with Anshuman last night. There was a Porsche Club event in progress. Men in dapper suits and women in lovely dresses decked in diamonds were shaking a leg to some excellent seventies and eighties music. I was very tempted to dance too but unfortunately I didn't realise that the dancing was a part of the event until we were ready to leave. Anshuman and I were standing outside the club along with his assistant Preeti when I saw some people walking away with lovely white roses. "Look they got roses! I want some too." I exclaimed. Preeti replied,"Oh they just pulled them out of the flower arrangement at the entrance. You can also take some." I was a bit hesitant but my love for flowers won and I pulled out six lovely white roses, happily walked up to Anshuman and said," I stole roses." He smiled at me fondly. 


Monica Arora said...

lol! I hav done that too n njoyed it as if I accomplished something, not to mention my hubbys embarrasment

parul gahlot said...

Heh heh heh yaaa it was quite fun lol!