Saturday, March 08, 2014

Blissful in Bahrain

The sunset last evening from my balcony took my breath away. I was reminded of a quote which is essentially this- ' Don't despair when your effort is not recognised. The sun puts up a grand show twice a day and few notice it."

My gorgeous Anshuman looking at that gorgeous sunset. I must say all my photography skills come together when I take pictures of him. It helps that he's naturally quite photogenic. If he reads this he will make me say it again and then smile like a five year old pleased as punch.

A picture with a big trophy after almost a decade. The first one was the Cricket World Cup trophy and this one was won by the Porsche Dubai team at the race track here in Bahrain. I look like I personally won it. I like trophies. I won as the Captain of my house on Sports Day in school. Possibly the happiest day of my life. I really should take up a sport.

The shadow selfie on the beach. It was a lovely evening. Children were playing in the sand. The adults were chilling out with their drinks. We walked along the shore for a while. So blissful.

If you look very very carefully you will see me walking away.

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