Sunday, June 09, 2013

Geant the giant

I detest going grocery shopping but when the fridge is empty and the cook comes and tells me there's no salt or oil in the house I have to drag myself to the hypermarket Geant. The worst thing about a market like that is that by the time you get used to the layout and you pretty much know where everything is they go and change everything. Today I forgot the grocery list so I had to keep trying to remember every little thing and pray that I didn't forget some important item which will come back to haunt me later. Whenever I go to Geant I get a little hypnotised by the sheer size of the choice of things available. If one thing is available at one end then the next one is at the other end and I wander around with my cart like Alice in wonderland utterly lost. I don't like tearing off plastic bags every time I have to bag some veggie so I tear off ten bags together from the dispenser. Today as I was tearing the bags off I began singing for some reason,"I didn't know I was looking for love until I found you" (Listen here ) The man patiently standing and waiting for me to finish tearing off bags gave me a quizzical look. I immediately apologised and scurried away. Not the best song to sing in a hypermarket. Normally I tend to whistle which is much much safer.

So then I went around picking up things and finally when it was time to pay they told me my credit card had expired. Got dirty looks from the man next in line. I paid cash and scurried away for the second time pushing my cart full of groceries. I decided to have dinner at the food court. I got some chole chawal from the Indian place and wolfed it down. I love cold water which they didn't have so they gave me a glass full of ice. I poured water into it and did some more damage to my already damaged throat and then for some reason my glass missed the table and landed on the floor. Water and ice were everywhere and the man sitting at the next table gave me a sympathetic look. I smiled back sheepishly and pushed my cart towards the entrance. I reached the entrance and realised that I was at the wrong end because my car was parked at the other end so I did an about turn and pushed my cart to the car and loaded everything in the boot.

Finally I got home and of course at that hour there was no parking close to the building entrance so I parked the car, put the hazard lights on and took out eight bags of groceries. Anshuman's stomach was upset so he slept off leaving me to carry everything home. I got to the building door and the woman walking behind me seemed to be waiting for me to open the door. "Could you open the door?" I said (there was no need for a 'please') She walked around me lazily and opened the door. I carried the bags to the lift when an angel of God in the shape of a man helped me put everything in the lift when it arrived. He helped me to the door and I thanked him profusely.

I got in the door and began putting groceries away. I'd bought two summer dresses at the mall and they gave me some rewards points card. I took it out of the envelope and as I was looking for my handbag I realised that it was in the car and the car was sitting forlorn  and forgotten with the hazard lights on. I rushed down and while looking for the parking listened to a lovely song twice.

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