Thursday, May 30, 2013

Thursday night thoughts

Well the much needed holiday nears it's end and I will be back to work on Sunday. I have truly been content these past few days. I spent hours looking out of my window. Sometimes birds came by and the dog never left my side. There was plenty of solitude so necessary to feed my soul. I walked for long periods of time each day and it was so refreshing. A lot of the time there were no thoughts in my mind at all, just an awareness of everything around me. The sound of the mosques. The people walking by. The cars zipping by. The trees gently undulating in the breeze. Strangely I felt as though this quietness permeated my very being. I felt calm as though nothing would ever faze me. Strangely I felt as though I have everything I need. I read books and watched old movies and some new. I feel good. I feel serene and balanced. I know that when I go back to work it will be with renewed vigour and vitality. I have another two days of happy holidays left and I intend to enjoy them fully.

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