Monday, May 13, 2013

The Maserati man

So I was driving to work in the morning singing at the top of my voice as is my habit. I didn't even realise when I moved into the fast lane. I must've been going at 110 kms/hr and singing happily when suddenly a Maserati overtook me from the right and hit the breaks right in front of me. I braked hard too and barely avoided an accident. I could see the driver making wild angry gestures so I made a few of my helpless ones. I couldn't fathom why he was so angry. I was only under 10kms from the highest speed allowed on Sheikh Zayed Road. He then proceeded to come to my right and rolled down his window. I rolled down mine and he started yelling something and gesturing that he had been flashing his lights behind me so I would get out of his way. So I politely gestured for him to overtake me. He kept gesticulating wildly for a while and I kept telling him to go ahead and overtake me. Finally he went zipping and I'm sure he must've managed to get caught by the speed radar but then men with Maseratis can probably afford to pay those easily. I changed lanes and moved to a slower one. I continued to sing at the top of my voice. Who cares for the road rage of men in Maseratis.

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