Monday, February 25, 2013

The full moon and daisies

I came across a picture of these beautiful daisies on facebook and I stole the image. I'm quite sure the owner won't mind. They reminded me of Meg Ryan in 'You've got mail'. There's a scene where Tom Hanks brings her daisies when she's sick having lost her little shop. I'm always amazed that she forgives him for ruining her mother's legacy but who am I to question the logic of romance movies. I remember she says "they're such happy flowers" and truly they are. I couldn't help but smile seeing this picture. Can you imagine it was taken in the hot desert that is Dubai? Yes there's a place called Miracle Garden in Barsha which is filled with flowers in all the colours and shapes and forms that you can imagine. It looks truly lovely in pictures. May be I will go visit next weekend and see the daisies for myself.

My friend has a blog about astrology. She updates it everyday and I like to go and read it and today it says that there's going to be a full moon. I look forward to a full moon, it's one of the most beautiful and magical things one can behold. It would be lovely to take a walk in the night with a full moon for company and the little dog prancing along by my side. Just thinking about it makes me smile. It's going to be a good day!

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