Thursday, February 21, 2013


Every evening there's a brilliant sunset and I never fail to notice the sheer beauty of the spectacle. Yesterday I decided to take a picture of it but since I was in the car the result is not so great but you kinda get the idea. Beams of light radiating from the sun are just so life affirming. I love the winter and I wish it would never end but like all things it will.

There are new things happening at work and it's exciting. I'm looking forward to get cracking. On another note I've come to a deep understanding about human beings. I will not share what that understanding is but suffice to say that it is not something altogether pleasant. At the same time I'm surprised that it has taken me so long to come to a conclusion I should have arrived at so long ago. Somehow some of my definitions have been challenged and it's rather sad that I have been so very wrong. But I believe one needs to admit one's mistakes and learn the lesson. As is well known the lesson is far more important than the mistake. 

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