Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Lovely day

The sun is out and everything is lovely and bright. My morning cup of coffee was perfect. Suzanne Vega is singing about a room off the street and it promises to be an easy day. I woke up feeling quite happy. I had a good dream. I dreamt that I was moving in to a big house. I went into each room and decided the colours of the walls. I was putting my books on the shelves. There was a lovely babbling river flowing outside. The house had two levels. The bedrooms had wooden floors and I was so happy. I scrubbed and cleaned and put up paintings. There was a big park on the other side of the house. My mother and father were also there with me and they were both so happy in the house helping me along. It was a beautiful dream and how I wish it would come true one day. There was a lovely terrace with a canopy and easy chairs. It seemed to be a winter day and the sun was shining. I love it when I wake up with a good dream.

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