Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Bloody Tuesday

OK I admit I'm not at my happiest. I missed the full moon entirely yesterday because I was watching the Oscars and then I got so damn late coming to work. Was driving like a crazed maniac when a Porsche Cayenne started flashing it's lights to get me out of the way and I felt like hitting the brakes, getting out of the car and bashing the guy's head in with my lunch box but instead I just let it go knowing that the prize asshole will continue tailgating me which is very dangerous and I have no intention of dying in a stupid car accident.

I couldn't find a song that I liked all through the journey and kept skipping tracks till I got to a song which I did like and by that time I had already parked the car. I finished writing an article that I'm not at all satisfied with and I don't know how I can possibly improve upon it. It's upsetting me to no end. Everyone else seems to think it's good but I'm just not happy. May be I'm being too harsh on myself or may be not. One should expect the best from one's self after all.

Anyway I seriously hope something or the other brightens up this day before I let my pissed off state of mind take over and bash someone's head in with the lunch box. May be I should eat now. 

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