Sunday, January 06, 2013

The white dress

It was Dina's engagement party in Friday night. The dress code was white and I had bought a lovely top which I was going to wear with black tights. When I showed it to Anshuman he said,"You're a silly woman. Go get a dress." So I pouted and said but it costs money to which pat came the reply,"You have a credit card, don't you?" I think I fell in love with him all over again in that moment. So off I went to the mall in search of the elusive white dress and found one dress which thankfully fit. I also found a lovely stole to go with it but then I lost it. What I mean is that it was a huge store and since I had not picked it up the first time it took me a while to find it the second time. A little white clutch and I was ready to party.
The engagement was at Dina's house which was decorated in white and teal. Dina came down the stars in a lovely teal dress. Elie ran up and put the ring on her finger. Everyone was joyous, it was such a beautiful moment and I loved being there!

I got to wear my pearls. I bought them almost 13 years ago and never wore them for the longest time. I loved getting all dressed up. I should do it more often I think. Really perks you up! Almost as good as shopping, well shopping is a part of it.

The table setting was perfect and I loved the yellow roses, my favourite.

Dina and Elie, the happy couple. All other pictures I took of them had weird shiny eyes thanks to the iphone camera which I have come to realise is not very good.

Rami and Rola, the rocking couple. It was great to spend time with them outside the office. Rami is one of the funniest guys I know. I mean sometimes he says such inappropriate things that they sound funny!

And the lovely Samantha. During the course of the party she said she doesn't look good. Ok Sammie if you don't look good then I look like a troll!

The saxophone player played melodious soothing tunes during the first part of the evening. It was beautiful. Now that's the kind of party I like!

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