Thursday, January 10, 2013


I'm tired and everything hurts. The cold has finally caught up with me. Head feels like a sack of potatoes and eyes are resisting all attempts at staying awake. Two cups of coffee have only helped cause slumber to descend upon me like a warm blanket in the winter. If I have another coffee I might fall asleep at my desk and that would be quite unprofessional. Why does coffee make me feel sleepy. It's supposed to do the opposite but it just doesn't in my case. I feel all warm in my tummy and get under a quilt for a nap.
There's a birthday party to attend in the night so it's going to get late till I finally crash out my sick and weary bones. Increasingly I feel like I'm getting old at double the speed compared to any other time in my life. Or may be I'm just having a sleepy day...

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