Thursday, January 03, 2013

Convocation day

So here's a gem of a photograph which I found thanks to facebook. It's the day I convocated at National Institute of Design. I remember the day very well. We were all hanging around smoking in the lush lawns under the winter sun. In the middle of the ceremony I spotted Anshuman who had travelled ticketless from Bombay to Ahmedabad in the general compartment of a train sitting crouched all night. After the ceremony got over we went for a walk and I was showing him around the campus. As we walked leisurely behind the Old Canteen Anshuman suddenly asked me,"Will you marry me?" and I replied,"Ofcourse!" It was a wonderful wonderful day and I'm glad I found an image of it. May be I could go back someday just so I could get my hands on a decent sized print of it. May be...

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