Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Valentine heart

Such a beautiful meloncholy voice. I found this song today and would like to share it with my one and a half readers.

Valentine heart - Tanita Tikaram

If I was a Londoner, rich with complaint
Would you take me back to your house
Which is sainted with lust and the listless shade
If I could have held you once more in that light
It's nothing to you, but it keeps me alive
Like a Valentine's Day, it's a Valentine's heart, anyway

The king and the ages, they fall by the plan
It's always the tired and the ordinary man
(It's the) challenge it's funny and such
I want to see you again
I want to see you again
It's so simple and plain
But I'll come back and see you again

The lie is the angel, it doesn't exist
I tell you it's funny but you like just to twist all my words
It's a shame you're so young
My words, it's a shame I'm so dumb
I figure a house with the smoke and the fence
The people round here would be pleased;
Take my word on this

I would believe just in you, just believe in you,
I would believe just in you, just believe in you.
And five days to catch me around with my ring
As I visit the friendships that meant everything to the girl
With the clown's face, to the girl with the clowns face, round here


YouknowMe said...

Is that you in the pic?

Parul Gahlot said...

No! That's Tanita Tikaram the singer :)