Sunday, November 04, 2012

Nothing's what it seems

So I've been listening to the same song over and over the whole morning. That's not unheard of in my world. I do that sometimes- listen to a song till it is permanently tattooed in my memory. It is a pleasurable thing. It's about going through the emotion that the song invokes to the extent that finally I have to stop listening to it and every last shred of that emotion has been wrenched out of the heart. I don't know if that makes sense. Well it does to me.
I was listening to this song last night before I fell asleep and I blame the song a bit for the nightmare that I woke up with. I saw that someone told me the English classes I was supposed to attend at school were not really important. So I was playing hooky and after missing three classes I finally walked in to the classroom and found that the guy who was supposed to be my study partner had been paired with someone else. That didn't really upset me that much because I didn't like the guy. I actually went to school with this guy and someone told me later in life that he had a massive crush on me about which I knew nothing. Coming back to the dream, my teacher who actually taught me English in school looked at me really annoyed. Suddenly I realised that I had missed those classes and would never learn them again and it meant I will probably fail. I broke down in tears and slumped to the floor. I couldn't believe that someone lied to me about the classes. My teacher picked me up by the shoulders and said,"I know how it feels. My sister died two months ago." I wanted to tell her,"But my sister is alive." but I kept crying instead and said nothing. Then I woke up and remembered this song- I'll never be your Maggie May. The link to the song is in the post below. Yes the song makes me sad but by the end of the day once I've heard it about two hundred times I will no longer be sad. Hopefully.

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